G-PAK is a leader in the development of plant-based consumer packaging. The company’s first product the G-Pod, is a 100% compostable, and patented single-serve beverage pod made from readily renewable materials. G-PAK is target- ing the $23B global single serve beverage pod market, and intends to expand it’s packaging technology to include plant based food and beverage packaging.

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Compostable Pod
Our Vision

Our aim is to be the Tesla of the packing industry. At G-PAK, we want to make real, lasting change. G-PAK is designed with a “cradle to cradle” philosophy. We want to not only protect but enrich our ecosystem. Since our pod is developed from sustainable, renewable resources which break down completely when placed into a composter, you could theoretically grow the base materials from the very soil the pod breaks down in.

In 2012, entrepreneur Darren Footz began to realize the negative environmental impact created by single serve coffee pods, primarily K-Cups.

Since then, he has been tirelessly committed to developing and commercializing the world’s first 100 percent compostable single-serve coffee pod.

Darren’s industry experience, knowledge, and proven track record as a business leader has helped him in his pursuit to develop the revolutionary pod. The pod is the first Keurig-compatible single serve coffee pod made from readily renewable materials and is 100 percent compostable. The innovative use of readily renewable materials combined with a dynamic design maintains the taste and integrity of the coffee. We provide a rich, great tasting, fully compostable product that will satisfy the consumer’s desire to brew a single-serve hot beverage in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way.